The Story Of Sunderland Rangers

Posted on: August 2nd, 2018 | by Jamie Knight | No Comments

“Our story started at the U9s age group, my stepson was playing for a team and was getting very little game time as the coach was pressurised from other parents to play strong players all the time to win.

So we addressed this and was told if we could do better to go ahead, not one to shy away from a challenge I decided to start up a team myself, “how hard can it be” very hard is the answer, although the FA supported me throughout the full process, word got around the less able players on the team we were starting a team up that had the soul purpose of allowing kids of any ability to play footy and have the same game time as everyone else.

So in Sept 2015 we played our first game and although we got thrashed the kids loved the fact they all played more than 5 mins in a game, as we played though the season we had more kids welcomed into the team, it wasn’t until our 2nd season that we had our first win and the feeling was so emotional to see the kids celebrate their first win, an accomplishment that they will remember forever, that was the moment we got hooked, 3 yrs later we now have 3 teams of various age groups that all have the same policy for the teams, playing ability aside, any player that has the heart to walk onto the pitch and give 100% is welcome to wear our badge on their chest anytime.

We also have several players who are diagnosed within the autistic spectrum(ADHD,ASD,ODD) we wouldn’t change anything for the world. onwards and upwards folks”

Geo Sweeney – Secretary 

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