The story of Lockwood Football Academy

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Last Updated on: 14th May 2021, 03:10 pm

“I started the club 6 years ago after my sister was mugged on the street, I approached a local housing association and asked permission to use their facility to enable me to work with the children who live locally, I wanted to use Football as a tool to improve the physical, social and mental wellbeing of the local children.

We have now had over 500 children come through our ranks and 10 voluntary coaches! We have worked with local police, local council and local schools. Anti social behaviour locally has dropped by 50%, health has improved, partnerships have grown with housing associations, local authority’s, and nationwide movements tackling gangs, gun and knife crime

We have kept costs for parents at a low as it is a deprived area so affordability allows more children to have access

We now provide players for 5 football clubs, have had over 100 play Sunday league, and a number of players sign for professional teams”


Scott Lockwood – Owner & Head Coach

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