The story of Red Star Bangor FC

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 | by Jamie Knight | No Comments

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“Where do I start? We were formed around June last year. In Bangor there are already 3 massive clubs and around 3 or 4 smaller team so getting players was a seriously hard task. We had to make do with kids that had never played before and kids that weren’t happy at their own clubs. By August we had enough players to for 1 2008 team, 2 2007 and a 2006 team dispite obstacles put in the way from bigger clubs.

We entered the North Down small sided games league which is a local development league. The first few weeks saw mixed results but because of the dedication of the kids and coaches we got better and better. By the seasons end our 06s had gone undefeated since before Christmas and had won the Local Winter Cup. We are now in a position were we are taking 2 of our teams to the highly competitive South Belfast League.

We have been working hard raising money for Cancer research as one of our players was recently affected and also trying to raise money for new equipment for the club. We are a family club and all our coaches have kids playing in various Red Star teams.”


Graham Ewing – Head Coach

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