The story of Spartak Fusco

Posted on: July 20th, 2018 | by Jamie Knight | No Comments

Last Updated on: 1st September 2023, 10:55 am

“I started the team as a tribute to my uncle who passed away with a heart attack. The team was to consist of players over 35 who wanted to keep playing 11’s. I managed to arrange a tournament based on the interest of players and had 4 full teams competing for a trophy and extra proceeds donated to charity. This has been going for 5 years now and although my tournament lasted for 3 years we managed to enter a local summer over 35’s team. We have been competing at the top end of the league each year. I have had to beg borrow and steal kit from clubs I know make sure we have kit available for our games. All cash raised goes to the costs of entering the league and playing each week. Fundraising for new kit is difficult in my area as there are loads of youth teams that people would rather invest sponsorship in rather than adults over 35. I have tried a few avenues to raise sponsorship for new kit to no avail. So would love this chance of winning a set. Thanks for the opportunity”


Brian Anderson – Secretary, Treasurer, Manager

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