The story of Arbroath Community Sports Club

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“Arbroath CSC came about one night after i as a parent attended a game where a few players were playing in a team at the higher age group. They had traveled some distance to a game in the freezing cold, snowing. These 4 boys had sat awaiting their turn to play, Game 1 passed and these boys had not played, sat freezing but still excited to play game 2 began, the boys pacing the touchline to awaiting their shout seemed to be fading with every passing minute, The coach looks at his watch, shouts all 4 boys over, They are on the smiles are the biggest i have ever seen. The ball is played up the park. Thats it, There is the final whistle, Thats the moment i witnessed 4 little boys smiles disappear, the sadness in the eyes were too much bear.

I pulled these 4 boys in with the coach, parents and chairman and requested to start a new team for the boys at their own age group, 4 weeks later Arbroath CSC 2006 was born. 16 kids now have a home of their own and these 4 boys remain with the team today after 2 hard years to get stabalised”


Paul Gray – Head Coach

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