The story of Sherwood Colliery Ability Counts FC

Posted on: July 25th, 2018 | by Jamie Knight | 1 Comment

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“I used to be a support worker & would support two young men to participate for a Team in which we traveled an hour on a bus, each time they only got 5 mins gametime as preference was given to local lads. On the long journey back one of the young men wished their was a Team that was local so I said we would look into it, but had no joy.

So in March 2010 I formed Eden Mansfield which catered for Disability players with Physical & Mental issues, I started with just 6 players & entered them into the same League the two young men were traveling to, in our first season we won a World Cup Tournament which was an amazing achievement for the lads but it didn’t stop there, they also went on to win the League in their first season.

Since then the Team has gone from strength to strength & from just 6 players we currently have 63 & boast a Disability Ladies Team too. From the low of seeing them 2 young men that were disappointed to be traveling to play 5 mins to our high in September 2017 when we won The FA Respect Club Award which was just out of this world to be chosen from thousands of Clubs up & down the Country.

8 years ago I never thought in my wildest dreams where it would take me, a lot of hard work but wow, I wouldn’t change a single thing.”


Vernon Thompson – Chairman & Founder

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  1. Nigel says:

    Well done Vernon and thankyou for allowing me to come in and coach these amazing people the passion they have is second to none.

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