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Join the Pendle Family

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The Pendle Story

“My father, Phil Hall, started a football team, Charterac FC in the early 1970’s. Time was limited and he found buying a team kit difficult, slow and expensive. There must be a better way! It was therefore in 1977 that the Pendle idea was officially born supplying clubs direct enabling them to receive the best possible quality, delivery & price!

Our home quickly became our warehouse and office! As Phil’s son, I remember not being able to open a cupboard at home or veer recklessly up to the loft without the fear of being hit by a mass of falling football kits. The first team kit ever sold was actually cut and sewn by Phil himself and delivered on a motorway layby. How things have changed!

In those early years , my mum, Mary, managed the business, putting in substantial hours to get the business off the ground, while Phil juggled with his day job. Additional family members, uncles, aunties, cousins, friends and many of the local community were employed by the business and continue to be so, only adding to the family and community feel.

From humble beginnings, the business grew steadily without external finance or shareholders. 15 years ago, all customisation was brought in house, allowing for outstanding quality control and the fastest turnaround times for printed team kits in the UK, only 48hrs.

 In more recent times, we are immensely proud to be the only supplier direct to clubs awarded ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems attributed to the design, customisation & supply of football kits. Furthermore, it is also a privilege and honour to be the official supplier to the English Schools’ FA.

 41 years ago, Phil’s dream was to become the major supplier direct to grassroots club in the UK. With hard work, determination, passion and with the help of all those around him, his dream is now a reality. However we will not rest and we can always improve. Pendle Sportswear will continue to strive forward, offering our services to grassroots football clubs for many years and generations to come.”

Steve Hall – Sales & Marketing Director


The Pendle Family

Grassroots football is the lifeblood of the game and we want to support, promote and encourage the growth of local clubs, so you can support the growth of the next generation of great players. To find out more about some of the clubs that use Pendle, take a look at the links below:


Shoebury Athletic FC 


      Lockwood Football Academy           Arbroath Community Sports Club Spartak Fusco


Hartley Wintney Hawks U16’s Arbroath Walking Football Club FC Rigmar
Bedworth WF


 Red Star Bangor FC Roseacre Raiders Aden Steelers FC
      Sherwood Colliery Ability Counts FC


Morecambe Hawk Throstle Nest United Northside FC
FC Imaan Lions


Westfields FC Grasshoppers Pirates     Laurencekirk Primary School
Mill Hill Football Club


Whittle Hall JFC Freiston FC Stornoway FC
Chantry Grasshoppers FC


 CHL Kirk Deighton Rangers Somersall Rangers
Kiveton Park FC


 Sunderland Rangers North Warnborough FC Skelmersdale Veterans


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