The story of Arbroath Walking Football Club

Posted on: July 23rd, 2018 | by Jamie Knight | No Comments

Last Updated on: 14th May 2021, 03:55 pm

“Arbroath Walking Football is for over 50’s but can take younger ones if injury or health as made them stop the sport. The club was started by two guys after they realised that in later years there were many players who would like to continue playing football but could not be energtic like in younger years.

There names are Mike Muir and Jim McNairn who loved playing for amatuer local teams in Arbroath. They formed the club in December 2016 with only a few mates playing the game of walking football at their local gym they found the laws of the game on English F.A. rules and adopted the rules for there club. As soon as the club was advertised on the internet more players joined to find out how the game was played.

To this date we have 35 members and still growing strong, I joined Feb 2017 as an member and never looked backed in enjoying games and tournaments all over the country and now competitions abroad. We have already played in Denis Law Tournament in Aberdeen and recently the Scottish Cup in Glasgow Festival. We are hoping to enter Walking Football tournament in Salou Spain later this year. AWF club is going strengh to strengh and more players in later years are enjoying the comradeship and ability to continue the game they loved in their younger years.”

Ray Parker – Treasurer

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