52 Card Pick Up Workout

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This week we’ve been trying to get you back in your training wear and keeping active. With our Spell Your Name workout generator on Monday and the Roll of the Dice home workout generator on Wednesday. Today, we’re setting you a bigger challenge.

 Deck of cards

What do I need?

You just need a full deck of cards. Keep the jokers in the pack for an extra challenge.

Workout from home

How does the workout generator?

Scroll down and you’ll see our activity generator. Then you need to shuffle your cards and leave them face down in front of you. Turn over a card to determine what you’re going to do. The card’s suit represents the activity you’ll be performing and the value denotes the number of reps you need to complete.

Home fitness

Card values

Ace = 1
1-10 = card value
Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13

Feel free to alter them if you want. Maybe have the Ace as 11 and all face cards as 20? Or have them equal 1-minute and try and keep going with the chosen activity for a full 60-seconds.

Four Aces

Challenge yourself

The aim is to get as far through the pack as possible. You can continually try to beat your previous target. The more you work out the stronger you will be and the further you’ll get through the deck.

Squat workout

Challenge your friends

Everybody loves a bit of healthy competition, so why not challenge your friends and teammates to beat your score. See who can get the furthest through their deck of cards.

Share your video on social media


We’d love to see our customers taking part in this challenge. Why not film yourself rolling your dice and uploading it to social media? Tag us on whichever platform you use and we’ll share our favourites. Just have fun and let us know how you get on.

52 Card Pickup Workout Generator


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