What to do if your football match is cancelled?

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What to do if your football match is cancelled?


How to make the most of postponed games.


Tadcaster Ings Flood

Tadcaster Ings, Dec 2009 By Richard croft at geograph.org.uk via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0]


We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be and what this means for grassroots football.  Adverse weather and flooded pitches can mean your games might be called off at any time. It’s frustrating but there are things you can do to turn it into a positive. So, what should you do if your match has cancelled?

Get the team together

This is a great time to get the team together and have a discussion about how everyone is feeling. Ask your players if they had any thoughts or concerns leading up to the cancelled match. It gives the team a chance to share their ideas about what the team could focus on. You can set goals for your next practice and discuss tactics for any upcoming matches.

Focus on Skills

Don’t let this time go to waste. Instead, use it to focus on any skills that the team might be lacking. Set out some drills to work on anything that the team has identified or that you think they need to work on.

Even if the weather isn’t that great, you can still put on a training session as long as it’s safe. Check out our blog post for some tips for training in the rain.


You might not be able to play your match but your players can still play football. Try and arrange a 5-a-side and let your players have some time on the pitch. You can also use this time to address any areas that might need to be focused on in future training sessions.

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Match Analysis

Use the time to go through your previous matches. Talk about the team’s successes and failures. Ask the players for their opinion on where there might be room for improvement. If you have any video footage, you can watch it back and use it to influence your training.

Team Building

It’s always good to get a bit of team bonding before you’re next on the pitch. You can either do some team-building activities or do something fun together. Play some non-football games that will help the team feel more united before your next match.

Take Inspiration from the Professionals

Watch a professional match or clips of well-known players to see what you can learn. You can discuss ways the team can introduce new strategies into their training. Get everyone thinking about how they can elevate their game for future matches.

Football Pitch flooded: King's Meadow, Reading

King’s Meadow, Reading By Andrew Smith via Wikimedia Commons

Plan Ahead

Use this time to think about your future matches. Develop the strategies you need to win and plan for your next practice sessions. See what you can learn about your future opponents and come up with new formations and tactics before you face them.

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Have Fun

With their game cancelled, it’s likely your team need a bit of cheering up. You could use the free time to just have some fun. Keeping your players busy will help lift their spirits and will help them blow off some steam.

If you’ve got younger players, tray some indoor football games or follow our blog post to create your own table football.

Be Prepared

We can’t do anything to stop your match being cancelled. What we can do is make sure you have everything you need for bad weather. Check out our range of winter training wear to get everything you need to survive the cold and wet. At least that way, your players are always prepared for a bonus training session or 5-a-side match.

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