Tips For Football Training in the Rain

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Football Training In The Rain


Our Advice For Wet Weather Training


Unfortunately, rain is an inevitable aspect of living in the UK and it’s always causing problems for grassroots football. When it rains, it can be tempting to want to play indoor football games but you shouldn’t be so quick to avoid rain. You might not enjoy playing football when it’s wet but it can actually help you. Rather than avoid training in the rain, take the opportunity to develop your skills in the wet weather.


Addingham FC are training on a pitch during light rain. They are wearing a Bayern shirt, Vega shorts and Optima socks from Pendle Sportswear.

Benefits of Training in the Rain


You Work Harder

Even though you might prefer to stay inside, you’ll be able to work harder in the rain.  The cooler weather creates the perception of less exertion. It will also be easier to keep your body cool and prevent overheating and exhaustion.

It Uses More Muscles

The rain will inevitably make the ground slippery which means you’ll need to work hard to keep your balance. This means you will use smaller coordinating muscles in your legs which may go unused when training in warmer weather.

You Develop Mental Strength

One of the hardest parts of training in the rain is just getting out of the door. Once you push yourself to get to training, the release of endorphins will make everything worth it. This will also make it easier to get out in the rain on a different day. Slowly, your confidence will build and make you feel capable of facing greater challenges.

Get A Reduced Risk of Flu

It might sound odd but research has shown that regular cold-weather exercise can reduce your chances of getting flu in the winter. The Mayo Clinic found that regular training in cold weather can boost your immune system.


Wyberton FC celebrating in the rain. They are wearing a Sparta shirt, Riga shorts and Prima socks by Pendle Sportswear.

Tips For Training in the Rain

  1. Wear a hat with a brim – wearing a hat with a brim will help keep the rain off your face so you can see better. Make sure you wear a hat that’s appropriate for the temperature. If it’s hot, wear a breathable one with venting. If it’s cold and windy, find a thicker hat and wear a headband to keep your ears protected.
  2. Wear layers if it’s cold – If it’s cold, you might need to wear a few layers. When picking your training clothes, the layer closest to your body is the most important. This should be made from a technical, moisture-wicking fabric. The outer layer should be a wind and water-resistant jacket.
  3. Don’t overdress – One of the biggest mistakes that you can make would be to overdress. Wearing more layers won’t keep you dry. If you have too many layers on, they will just get heavy with water. When you dress, make sure you do it for the temperature as though it were a dry day.
  4. Beware of chafing – Chafing can happen at any time but it can get much worse in the rain. If you’ll be running for an extended period, make sure you take steps to prevent chafing in any areas
  5. Change out of your wet clothes immediately – Even though you’ll feel warm after you finish training, make sure you change out of your wet clothes as quickly as possible. You’ll be at an increase risky of hypothermia. You’ll definitely want a spare pair of socks and clothes to change into once training is over.
  6. Dry out your boots – When you get back from training, make sure you dry your boots properly. Stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper to draw the moister away from the shoes and help keep their shape.


An Addingham FC player during a warm-up match in the rain.

Things to Remember

Anticipate the flight of the ball

When playing in the rain, you need to use the movement of the ball on the wet pitch to your advantage. For example:

  • Keep the ball on the floor
  • Make sure to shoot low and hard
  • Avoid dribbling.

Adjust your slide tackles

Yes, an epic slide tackle in the rain is a great thing. However, if you’re playing a match, you’ll want to readjust your timing or you’ll give away stupid goals and fouls.

Keep hydrated

If you’re playing in the rain, you won’t feel as hot as you normally would. That might make you forget about hydration. Make sure you still drink plenty of water or you’ll find yourself struggling as the game goes on.


Get ready for the wet weather

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