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In previous posts, we’ve covered agility ladders, hurdles, football cones and markers, and football rebounders. This week we’re looking at evasion belts. A breakaway belt is a fantastic piece of training equipment that can help with a player’s evasive speed. Players need to be able to outmanoeuvre their opponent so they need to move quickly and react faster. An evasion belt is a simple training aid that helps develop the skills needed to do this.

Pendle Evasion Belt

Pendle Evasion Belt

At Pendle, we offer a great selection of training equipment that will help your team develop their skills. We have a wide range of equipment that will do plenty for your team. We make sure that we only offer the best equipment possible so you can be sure that it’s all top quality. Every piece has been designed or selected with the club in mind as we want to ensure that you have the best.

We are also committed to keeping our prices competitive and our evasion belts are no different. Each belt can be purchased for £2.49 each but we have a great multibuy deal available to save you even more money. Buy 6 evasion belts and you get a carry pouch to keep them all in. This makes transporting and storing your football training aids even easier. The whole bundle works out at only £12.99. Or you could buy 3 bundles and the price will reduce again. There is no reason not to get your hands on your very own evasion belt.

How it works

The evasion belt pits two players against each other in a head-to-head. It’s a fun way to improve agility, lateral movement, and foot speed. You can create some great one on one drills that will help with your training. Particularly for distance training, mirroring and marking, and multi-directional quickness drills.

The set comes with two adjustable belts attached by a cord. The cord is attached using Velcro which means it can be ripped apart easily. Two players wear a belt each and the cord connects them. The aim is for one of the players to evade their opponent and rip the cord apart.

How it can help

An evasion belt is a great way to bring a certain amount of healthy competition to your training sessions whilst developing several key skills. It can be used in numerous ways depending on what you want to focus on.

Pendle Evasion Belt


Speed is one of the key skills that all players should be focusing on. They need to be focusing on foot speed and speed across greater distances. Quick foot training goes hand-in-hand with balance and coordination. Speed in small spaces helps increase a player’s agility and their ability to get away from their opponents.

Speed across long distances is necessary for long runs down the pitch and it helps footballers beat their opponents to the ball. It’s a key skill for all players and should be regularly focused on. No matter how good a player is with the ball, they need to be quick to beat their opponents. Otherwise, they won’t get the chance to show off their agility.

The evasion belt can be used in drills that focus on speed and acceleration. If two players are connected using the belt, the aim could be for the lead player to try to work up enough speed to break the connection.


Agility is another key area for development in your football training. It’s linked to how quickly a player can change direction without their balance being affected. The focus should be on making quick and fluid changes in direction. Agility is the thing that is going to help you get past a defender. If you can’t quickly change direction then you will never be able to get behind them. Your aim should be to affect their balance without messing up your own.

This is where an evasion belt comes in very handy. You can make training drills as simple or as complicated as you like. Attach two players using the belt. One will be the attacker and the other the defender. It’s the attacker’s job to break the connection and the defender’s job to break it. You could simply have the lead player set off and then try to outmanoeuvre their opponent or you could set up other equipment to help.

For example, set up a box made out of cones. The lead player should move towards the cones in a random order in the hope of leaving their opponent behind. Or, set your cones out in a line and shuffle between them. Change direction every so often in the hop of losing your defender.


To be a great defender, you need to be agile. You need to improve your agility so you can keep up with your opponents. You need to be able to follow them when they quickly change direction without losing your balance. The key is staying on your toes and reacting as quickly as possible. Evasion belts can help defenders practice sticking with an opponent. They have to stick with the other player otherwise the belt will come apart.

Using an evasion belt is a good way to get your defenders looking for signs of movement. They need to be able to pick up on anything that might indicate where a player is going before they make their move. In these drills, the defender needs to focus on what their opponent is doing as much as they need to focus on what they are doing.

Evasion Belt Drills

Evasion Belt Drills

An evasion belt is an easy to use piece of equipment that can be used in so many different ways. All you need is a bit of imagination. Depending on which skill you are trying to highlight, you’ll be able to get your attackers and defenders developing their skills. Using an evasion belt can help replicate in-game situations in a fun and challenging way. Create games that will promote healthy competition between pairs and ensure everyone is getting the most out of their training.

For some ideas on how to use your evasion belt, check out the videos below.

Get your own

Now that you’re full of ideas about how to use an evasion belt, you’ll want to jump right into using one in your sessions. This means it’s time to get your hands on our great quality belts at unmissable prices. Take a look at our great range of training equipment to create more intricate drills that will push your players further.Get my evasion belt button

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