Football Training Cone and Marker Drills

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Last week we looked at how you could use your training hurdles and the week before that our focus was on agility ladders. This week we’re putting cones and markers in the spotlight. A set of training cones and markers is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. They can be used to for setting up and creating any number of drills to get your players fighting fit. With just a few cones, you can ensure that you are helping build your players’ skills and helping with their endurance. Use them to mark up a pitch for training matches or set them out for agility and speed drills. It’s one of the essentials for any team.

Football Training Cones and Markers

Pendle Training Cones

At Pendle, we have a wide range of different cones and markers that will suit your various needs. We offer space markers in sets of 50 or 100. They are highly durable and come in colours that stand out on the pitch. Use them to mark-up a pitch or set up a training drill and there is no doubt that your players will miss them. Alternatively, get a set of our flat markers. These discs are just as versatile as our space markers but can be used when you don’t want as much of an obstacle for your players. Set them up as markers for shooting distances or as places for your players to avoid. It will also mean not having to chase them across the pitch when a player or an errant ball accidentally knocks them out of place.

If you want something even more substantial, then check out our training cones. We have soft weighted cones that will stay in place no matter what but won’t cause injury if a player knocks into them. Buy a set of four cones that come in either 4-inch, 6 inch or 12 inches. Our collapsible cones offer the ultimate safety feature as they collapse upon impact. This means, if an accident occurs, they will not cause any injury to your team. These cones come in at 9, 12 or 15 inches so you’ll be able to find the perfect size for your needs. Or maybe you just want a simple set of traffic cones. Coming in at either 12 or 15 inches, these cones are the perfect way to organise your training sessions. Use them to mark out makeshift goals or have your players weave through them. They are durable and will stand out on the field.

Speed and Agility Training

Speed, agility, and quickness are some of the major components to finding success on the pitch. Using cone drills for speed training can increase strength and maximise performance. Speed and agility drills are designed to work your leg and core muscles and the tendons in your body. If you use the right drills can build leg strength and explosion. Alter the intensity of the drill and repeat them to ensure your team are getting the best workout.

Performing these types of drills, you will be able to help your players’ balance, body control and footwork. They will help with sharp turns and keeping control of the ball during a match. The best agility and speed training exercises are the ones that replicate real-match conditions and prepare your players for everything they might have to face. Working on lateral movement and changing directions will be vital for their performance on match days.

Football Training Cone and Marker Drills

Example training cone drills


  1. Place 10 cones in a line approximately 5 yards/4.5 metres apart.
  2. Weave in and out as quickly as possible.
  3. Walk back to the start.


  1. Place 4 markers in a straight line around 3 yards/2.7 metres apart.
  2. Place a marker in between each of these but 3 yards to the left.
  3. Sprint from one marker to the next.
  4. Focus on taking quick side steps instead of turning to face the markers.

Box Drill

  1. Use four cones to mark out a square of around 5 yard/4.5 metres.
  2. Place a 5th cone in the centre of the square. This is the starting position.
  3. Give each corner a number. Shout out the numbers at random.
  4. The player must sprint to the relevant number and return to the centre cone.

L Drill

  1. Set up 3 cones in an L shape. Place each cone 5 yards apart.
  2. Start at one end of the L and sprint to the middle cone.
  3. Return to the first cone.
  4. Sprint around the middle cone to reach the far cone.
  5. Sprint around it and return to the middle cone.
  6. Turn at the middle cone and return to the start.


  1. Set out 3 cones in a straight line each one 5 yards apart.
  2. Start at cone 2 and move laterally to cone 3.
  3. Turn and sprint to cone 1.
  4. Turn again and sprint back to the starting cone.


  1. Set up 4 cones in a line. Set the middle two cones 4 yards apart and then place a cone on either side 5 yards apart.
  2. Start at one end and sprint to the 2nd cone.
  3. Sidestep to the 3rd cone.
  4. Sprint to the 4th cone.
  5. Turn and sprint back to the 3rd
  6. Sidestep to the 2nd
  7. Sprint to the 1st

Football Training Cones and Markers

Ball Control Drills

Add a training ball into the equation and your set of cones can really help your players improve their dribbling. There are plenty of great dribbling drills for you to try with your cones. You can set them up in a line and weave in and out of them. Set up two rows and slalom between all of the cones. Or you could set up a tunnel of cones and get your players to dribble as fast as they can from one end to the other, making sure they focus on keeping the ball within the cones.

Check out this video for loads of great dribbling drills.

Ready to go

A few sets of training cones are one of the essential pieces of equipment for every football club. They are versatile and can really help improve key skills. When you buy at Pendle Sportswear, you can be sure that the quality and price are both hard to beat. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a few sets today.

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