Winter Football Training Wear Essentials

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s suddenly got a lot colder recently. That means it’s more important than ever to wrap up nice and warm. Thankfully, Pendle has a great selection of football training wear options that will protect you from the Winter chill. Take a look at some of our offerings below.

Football Base LayerPendle Football Base Layer

We’ve talked about how great a base layer can be in a previous blog post so you should have a good idea of how useful it can be. Although the most important benefit of wearing a base layer under your kit is that it keeps you warm during cold weather. Wear it under your football kit or training gear as an extra layer. It’ll make those cold-weather training sessions much easier to get through.

Pendle’s football baselayers are made from moisture-wicking and stretchable fabric which makes them really comfortable to wear. Drawing the moisture away from your skin, these tops will keep you dry. Meaning you’ll feel great no matter how much of a sweat you work up. Starting at only £6.50 each, a base layer is an essential part of any footballer’s wardrobe.


Woolly HatPendle Woolly Hat

You can lose up to 10% of your body heat through your head so it makes sense that you cover it up. What is the point of going to all the trouble of keeping yourself warm if you miss your head? A woolly hat is a perfect solution to help you reserve heat when your training sessions get colder. They are lightweight and soft, so they definitely won’t get in your way as you train. They are the perfect winter hat for any football player.

The Pendle woolly hat comes in 5 different colours and can be personalised to include an embroidered version of your club’s badge. This also makes them the perfect gift for fans and committee members. Get everybody involved with your club looking great, keeping warm, and showing their pride. If you take advantage of our 15-hat deal, you can make sure that your whole team is wrapped up and looking great.


Tempest Fleece-Lined Rain Top and BottomsPendle Tempest Rain Jacket

Of course, it’s not just wind that you need to be ready for at this time of year. Make sure that your players are ready for wet weather with a suitable rain jacket. The Tempest jacket has the added benefit of a fleece lining that will keep you warm and dry. The showerproof and windproof top is an ideal addition to your training wardrobe. Team it with a pair of fleece-lined rain bottoms and you will be safe from the elements as you stand on the side-lines.

Choose from 5 different colourways to match your club colours and personalise with badge, initials and numbers. Prices start at only £16.99 and we have plenty of fantastic deals available. Kit our your entire team for Winter for a bargain price.


Vulcan Thermal JacketPendle Vulcan Winter Jacket

The Vulcan thermal jacket is perfect for those extra cold mornings. The heavyweight jacket has a quilted lining that will make sure you stay warm. The jacket is windproof and showerproof so you can stay just as toasty if you’re caught in a downpour. The Vulcan is really the perfect winter coat for when you have to stand on the side-lines. It’s an ideal manager’s jacket as it looks smart, feels comfortable, and will ensure you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

The Pendle Vulcan jacket comes in either black or navy with a simple white trim. Customise it with your club badge and add initials or numbers if you desire. Prices start at only £28.99 and we have a selection of great deals available. Take a look and you can kit out your entire team with their own thermal coat. Meaning there is no excuse for them to miss training on a cold morning.


Pendle Football HoodieFootball Training Hoodies

Everybody loves a hoodie because it offers the perfect combination of comfort and warmth. When you’re looking for a piece of training wear that’s perfect for winter a hoodie great place to start. It’s a great cover-up with a hood to keep the wind out of your face and a front pocket to keep your hands warm. Wear your hoodie to training on a chilly winter day or cover up on your way to a match. Pendle hoodies are made from stretchable fabric and have a soft fleece inner. This makes them really comfortable and great for staying warm.

The Pendle football hoodie comes in four colours and features a stylish design. It means that your players will be comfortable and look great. Add your club badge and some initials or numbers for an added personalised touch. Hoodies start at £12.99 each but you can take advantage of our 15-training top deal to kit out your whole team.


Football SweatshirtPendle Football Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is a hoodie minus the hood, right? Our sweatshirts offer the same protection from the cold and are just as stylish as their hooded counterpart. Without the hood or pocket, a sweatshirt offers an even sleeker look for your players. They are made from the same stretchable fabric and have the same fleece lining. A sweatshirt will keep you just as warm and comfortable as our hoodie.

The Atlanta sweatshirt comes in 5 colours and can be customised to fit your club. Add your club badge and further personalise your top with a set of printed initials or your number. And our sweatshirts are fantastic value. Starting from only £11.49, they are also part of our 15-training top package deal. Make sure that your whole football team are kitted out for the cold and looking great in one of our modern fit sweatshirts.


1/4 Zip TopPendle Atlanta 1/4 Zip

The quarter-zip top sits somewhere between the hoodie and sweatshirt. Like the sweater, it comes without a hood or pocket but it features a higher neckline. This makes it even better for keeping the chill out. The quarter-zip comes in a pullover design that is perfect for putting on before training. The neckline features a quarter zip so you can make is as comfortable as possible. Also offering thumbholes in the sleeves, the quarter zip is a great item to wear during the colder months thanks to the fleece inside.

The Pendle quarter zip top comes in 7 colours and can be customised however you need. Add your club badge and some initials or numbers to show off your club pride. Your team will look stylish and uniform in a set of these so get your hands on out 15-training top deal. Prices start from only £12.99.

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