Football Baselayers: What are the benefits?

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It’s that time of year when things are starting to get a bit colder, so you might be tempted to add an additional layer to your football training wear. A simple baselayer can help keep you warm on the pitch. However, they’re not just about temperature; baselayers can actually have an impact on how you play. Compression has been a treatment for muscle injuries for years and the sports industry has recognised the benefits of compression before, during, and after exercise. Research suggests that the use of a baselayer can offer a wide range of benefits that can increase an athlete’s performance and endurance. But how exactly does this simple piece of training wear help you so much?

Tight Fit

Baselayers are meant to be like a second skin, which means they offer a pretty snug fit. When you’re picking your baselayer, you want it to feel tight but it still needs to give you the flexibility you need to move. Getting the fit right is important as this is the reason it has so many benefits. A baselayer holds the body in the correct position. Wearing a top will help with your posture and ensure you keep your form throughout a match. It will also help open up the chest which allows you to take in more oxygen.

An added benefit of the skin-tight fit of a baselayer is that it can help prevent chaffing and rubbing. Wearing an additional layer means you have no worries about staying comfortable for an entire match or training session.

Football Back Pain

Muscle Compression

When you exercise your muscles will oscillate. They will move as a result of the vibrations that occur when you’re moving. Muscle oscillation wastes energy and can lead to injury or trauma. Wearing a baselayer will compress your muscles to limit their movement while you play. This not only helps to prevent energy from being wasted but can also reduce the vibrations in your muscles. Ultimately, causing less of a risk of injury and trauma to the muscles.

Red Blood Cells

Blood flow

Wearing a baselayer can help improve the flow of blood around your body. Oxygen fuels your muscles which is why your heart pumps oxygenated blood around your body. Under normal circumstances, the oxygen is delivered quickly enough for the muscles to produce the energy they need. When you exercise, the heart struggles to pump blood quickly enough. This means your muscles start having to produce energy in an alternative way. When this happens, there ends up being a build-up of lactic acid. This is what causes the burning sensation in your muscles during intense exercise.

How do you prevent this build-up? Your body needs to deliver oxygen more efficiently during exercise. This is where a baselayer can help you. Compression clothing is often graduated, which mean they are created to be tighter at the extremities. This promotes blood flow back to the heart which means the whole process is sped-up. The quicker your heart can pump oxygen to your muscles, the longer you can keep going. A baselayer will help you go further and harder during your exercise.


And baselayers are not just useful during exercise. Wearing an item of compression wear after a football match or training session can help increase recovery times. It means your body is able to remove built-up lactic acid quicker, allowing your muscles to recover faster.

Football Training Session

Moisture Wicking

Exercise causes us to sweat. Wearing materials that absorb sweat is not ideal for an intense football match or training session. Baselayers are a great addition to your football kit thanks to their moisture-wicking material. This means that the shirt’s material draws sweat away from the body and pushes the moisture to the outside of the top. In turn, this makes it easier for it to be evaporated from the body.

Playing a 90-minute football match in hot weather can lead to a player losing up to a kilo of sweat. Wearing a moisture-wicking baselayer will ensure that this isn’t weighing you down as you’re helping your team to victory.

Pendle Baselayers

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