Top 5 Football Games for your Garden: #5 Wall Ball

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If you or your kids are missing football, we’ve gathered our favourite football games that you can play in your garden. Just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun outside.

Top Football Games For Your Garden: Wall Ball

Wall Ball

We’re kicking things off with an easy one but it’s a classic. All you need is a wall or fence that you have permission to kick a ball against. Make sure you’re not going to annoy anybody or risk breaking anything. If you’d prefer to leave your walls be, then check out our Rebounders as a great alternative. You can either play on your own to develop your skills or play with all the family to add a bit of healthy competition.

Young boy playing football in the garden


Using a wall can be a great way to keep your training up until the new season starts. Yes, it might seem as though you’re just kicking a ball against a wall but you have to be on your toes. The ball will be coming at you from different angles which will require a quick response. It will keep your reactions sharp and give you a bit of a workout. Just remember to make sure you try to pass the ball firmly off the wall.

You can mix things up a little by altering the way you touch the ball every time. Switch between your left foot and your right, use your thigh and your chest. Do whatever you want to make it more difficult for yourself. Why not try throwing the ball to the top of the wall and getting it to settle on your foot? Or maybe try to volley the ball against the wall without it touching the ground?


You can easily adapt this for two people. One player starts by kicking the ball to the wall. Each player must then try to return the shot and keep going for as long as possible. A player can gain a point when their opponent misses the ball.

Young girls playing football in their garden


If you have a few children who are getting a bit restless, then why not turn this drill into more of a game? Get the whole family out in the garden together and have a bit of fun. You can make the game as simple or as complicated as you like.

For example:

  1. Start in single-file facing the wall.
  2. The first person kicks the ball against the wall. They then run to the back of the line.
  3. The second person has to return the ball or they’re out of the game.
  4. Keep playing until there is only one player left.


  1. Stand in a line parallel to the wall.
  2. The first person kicks the ball against the wall.
  3. All players try to be the first to kick it back. The first to do so wins a point.
  4. The first player to 10 points wins.

Of course, you can play with whatever rules you want or whatever the size of space you’re in dictates. If you have younger players, then you might make the scoring system easier. Just have fun with it.

 Pendle rebounder action shot

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