Top 5 Football Games for your Garden: #4 Quick Draw

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We know that not everybody has space for big and complicated football drills but you don’t need a lot for number 4 on our list of Top 5 Football Games. In fact, all you need is to grab your favourite Pendle football and somebody in your household.

Pendle Football and Water Bottle

Quick Draw

This is another pretty simple game but one that will get you moving. It’s all about being quick on your feet, so it’s perfect for keeping on top of your reaction times. It’s also a great one for your children to play against each other. Not only will it tire them out but they’ll love the competitive aspect.

Player at football training


  1. Place a ball on the ground.
  2. Have the players stand opposite each other on either side of the ball. Keeping both feet on the ground.
  3. When instructed, each player moves for the ball.
  4. The first player to drag the ball back wins.
  5. Play to the best of three and then switch players.

Increase the difficulty

The premise of this game is simple but effective. Your children will love competing with each other. To make it harder, increase the distance that each player is standing from the ball. That way they have to sprint forwards to get to the ball first. This is a great way to test their power and get them moving quicker.

Additional Players

You can also increase the competition by adding in extra players. You just need to make sure that all players are equidistant from the ball.

Quick Draw Shoot-Out

Addingham FC at football trainingIf you have access to a goal in your garden, then you can add an extra step into this game for further improvement.

  1. Place two balls next to each other.
  2. Have each player stand at a distance to the ball.
  3. When instructed, each player must sprint to their ball.
  4. The first player to score with their ball wins.
  5. Play to the best of three and then switch players.

If you have two goals, then each player can have their own goal for added safety.

Quick Draw Shoot-Out with Rebounder

As an extra step, why not add in a rebounder? When the player gets to their ball, they must kick it off the rebounder or nearest wall before going for the goal. The first player to score wins.

Up To You

This game is so simple that you can adjust it any way you want. It all comes down to how much space you have, how many players, and what you want to focus on. The main aim of this game is to get them moving quickly and help their reaction time. Although, it should mostly be about having as much fun as possible during lockdown.

Pendle at home

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