Most Iconic Football Strips

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Which is the most iconic football strip ever? The BBC attempted to answer that question with a public vote in April. Unfortunately, none of our Pendle football kits were included this time. So which iconic football strips did make the list?

Number 20Mexico, 1978

Designed and made by Levi’s, this football shirt echoed the Mexican flag. It was quite a spectacular way for the team to return to the World Cup after missing 1974.

Number 19

Belgium, 1984

The shirt the Belgian team sported for the 1984 European Championships, featured diamonds across the chest in red, gold, and black – their flag’s colours. The classic design went on to inspire the Belgian kit for the 2018 World Cup.

Number 18

Colombia, 1990

In 1990, Colombia qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 28 years and they came back with a striking shirt. The diagonal striped design also inspired their 2018 World Cup football kit.

Number 17

Barcelona, 1997

Barcelona’s away shirt has become synonymous with Ronaldo. Worn in the 1997 Cup Winners’ Cup final, the shirt remains one of Barcelona’s most memorable football strips.

Number 16

Cameroon, 2002

Cameroon’s sleeveless shirt proved to be so controversial that Fifa banned if for the 2002 World Cup. This shirt might not have pleased everybody but it’s certainly memorable.

Number 15

England Women, 2019

2019 was the first year that the Lionesses had their own exclusive football kit and they made an impact. The rose detail on the red shirts is certainly iconic.

Number 14

Boca Juniors, 1981

When you think of this shirt, you think of Diego Maradona. It was the first football shirt to feature Boca’s four-star crest. It’s no wonder people are still so desperate to get their hands on it 40 years later.

Number 13

Denmark, 1986

1986 marked Denmark’s World Cup debut and they made an impact. The 50-50 design football strip design divided opinion but went on to inspire plenty of other teams.

Number 12

Chelsea, 1970

In the 1970 FA Cup Final, Chelsea wore a simple blue and yellow design and ended up winning the trophy or the first time. You will have seen a modern version of this when the club celebrated the 50th anniversary.

Number 11

England, 1990

England’s World Cup shirt at Italia 90 is tied to so many iconic moments. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most memorable football strips. Of course, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also a fantastic design.

Number 10

Manchester United, 1990

Man United’s 1990 shirt remains one of their most unique offerings. The Aztec-style design on the away shirt was a favourite with the fans and is still popular to this day.

Number 9

Ajax, 1971

The beauty of this football kit comes in its simplicity. A white shirt with a red vertical panel. It was in this strip that Ajax won the first of three consecutive European Cup finals.

Number 8

Liverpool, 1984

Liverpool’s sponsorless football shirt was the one they wore in the 1984 European Cup final. The strip is classic red with thin stripes down the front and was the inspiration for the Reds’ 2019-20 kit.

Number 7

Arsenal, 1991

Arsenal’s “bruised banana” is one of the most legendary football strips of the 90s. The black and yellow zig-zags have inspired the Gunners’ away shirt for 2019-20.

Number 6

Celtic, 1967

This was the year that Celtic went on to beat Inter Milan to become the first British football team to win the European Cup. The simple hooped design is one for the history books.

Number 5

Nigeria, 2018

You know a football shirt is iconic when it sells out across the world within days of its release. That was the case for Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup strip. The green, black, and white design was an instant classic.

Number 4

England, 1966

How could the list not include the strip worn by England for their World Cup win? The team only wore red that day because they lost the toss to wear white. The simple red shirt is an absolute classic.

Number 3

West Germany, 1990

The football strip worn by the Germans when they won the World Cup in 1990 is, arguably, their most famous design. The strip is now a popular retro design thanks to its bold design.

Number 2

Netherlands, 1988

This football strip was worn by the Netherland when the team won the European Championship for the first time. The great orange design means this is still a very sought-after shirt over 30 years later.

Number 1 Most Iconic Football Strips

Brazil, 1970

The football strip worn by Brazilian side in 1970 was the one Pele wore before retiring from international duty. The simple but striking colour scheme has ensured this kit is a timeless classic.

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