Hosting an awards ceremony

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Hosting An Awards Ceremony


Football Presentation Ideas


After a season of training hard and playing matches, everyone at your club will be ready for a well-deserved rest. Start the break off with a bang by organising a fun and enjoyable presentation night. Not only will it end the season on a high but it’s a great chance to bring the whole club together.


What is a football presentation night?

Most clubs like to bring their members together at the end of the season for a football presentation. It’s likely to be one of the highlights of the season. If you’ve never been to one before, a presentation night is an event organised by clubs to celebrate the contribution of players, coaches, volunteers and supporters. It will typically include handing out football trophies and awards to acknowledge individual or team achievements across different categories. It also gives your players the chance to get together with their friends, families and supporters after a season of hard work.


Ideas For Your Presentation Evening

Your presentation evening doesn’t just need to be about handing out trophies. You can create a memorable experience for everyone at your club. Celebrate the achievements of your players, coaches, volunteers and supporters. Depending on your budget, you can plan an even that they won’t forget.

  • Themed decorations: Keep it simple by going with your club colours or pick a specific theme for your evening. Themed decorations can elevate your event.
  • Food and drinks: Providing food and drink will help make your evening a relaxed and enjoyable event. Link them to your theme if possible.
  • Highlights reel: Get together clips and photos of some the top moments of the season. Play before the ceremony or use to highlight individual contributions.
  • Photo booth: Not only will this create memories from the night but it will give you something to share on social media to spread the word about the club.
  • Live entertainment: Depending on your budget, you might be able to organise live music or some other entertainment. It just adds a little something extra to your evening and helps keep everyone engaged.
  • Interactive activities: Get everyone involved with fun activities throughout the night. You could organise a quiz, raise money with a raffle or set up fun football competitions. Why not set up a penalty shootout with kids vs parents?

Whatever you decide to do, having a variety of things happening at your presentation will help with engagement. It might encourage more people to attend and will help make it an unforgettable night.


Things to Think About

There will be plenty to organise before you hold your event. Make sure you think about the following to ensure the night goes off without a hitch.

  • Create a Budget: Work out how much you have to spend. This will determine what you can achieve.
  • Date: Try to pick a date that works for the majority of the club to ensure as many people attend as possible.
  • Venue: Choose a suitable venue for the presentation. Remember to considering availability, capacity, and accessibility for attendees.
  • Promote the Event: Make sure everyone knows about the event well in advance so they can keep the date free.
  • Coordinate Logistics: Arrange for decorations, audio-visual equipment, catering, and any other logistical requirements well in advance.
  • Prepare Awards and Recognition: Work out which awards you’re handing out and order all of your trophies and medals.



You’ll want to have a rough idea of how many people are coming to your presentation night before you start thinking about where to hold it. When picking the place, you’ll want to make sure that it’s big enough to fit everyone and leave room for your other activities.

Also think about accessibility. Will all of the players and their families be able to get into the venue and will there be adequate parking? Can you easily get there via public transport? You want to ensure that everyone feels welcome, so make sure you’re not inadvertently keeping people away.


You’ll want to leave enough time to set everything up well in advance of the event. So, make sure you’ve booked it for long enough. Also, get as many people to help as possible. You’ll need help if you want to decorate and put out refreshments.

Think about sound. Will you need a PA system? Are you using a screen? If you’re using any technology, make sure you test it once you get to the venue. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching hours of work go to waste for want of the right laptop cable.


Promoting Engagement

You want to make the most of your football presentation, so that means getting as many people from the club to attend. Make sure everyone is aware of the date as soon as possible so they can save the date. You’ll also want to get them to RSVP to give you an idea of attendance.

If you’re including awards chosen by players or fans, remember to get nominations and votes. Involving everyone in the awards-giving process makes it more likely that you will get a healthy attendance on the night.

As well as the individual awards, take time to congratulate all nominees and give any other honourable mentions so that players don’t feel overlooked.


Football Presentation Awards Ideas

How you decide this depends on what you want to focus on celebrating. Here are some traditional awards to give you some ideas:

  • Players’ Player of the Season (voted for by players)
    This is usually the most prestigious among players, as it means they’ve earned the respect and admiration of their peers.
  • Coaches’/Managers’ Player of the Season (selected by the team coach or by consensus among club coaches)
    Coaches will often take the chance to recognise an ‘unsung hero’ – for example, a particularly reliable defender.
  • Supporters’ Player of the Year
    If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated following cheering you on through the winter months, it’s only fair to give them the chance to decide one of your awards.
  • Most Improved Player
    An award for the player who has developed the most since the previous season, or who has made the most progress during the current season.
  • Team Spirit
    Recognise the player always encouraged his teammates and aided the sense of unity between the team.
  • Top Scorer
    Fairly straightforward, celebrating your team’s most outstanding net-buster.
  • Fair Play Award
    Encourage the right attitude in all your players by recognising exceptional sportsmanship and respect for the spirit of the game.
  • Age Group Awards
    If you’re presenting awards to a senior side, you might also have a young/veteran player of the year trophy. If your club is a youth setup, divided up by age group, you can have awards within each team, as well as some overall awards.

Some less obvious trophies might include an award for a particular standout performance or the best performance in an unfamiliar position. Of course, a football club is about much more than just the players on the pitch. No awards evening is complete without an award for volunteer of the year or similar.

Whatever awards you decide to hand out, you want to make sure that you have something great to give them. Take a look at our guide to picking the right trophy for our advice.

And don’t forget…

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Have a great time at your awards event!


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