Football Training 2 – Create Space With Your First Touch

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Object Of The Training Session – Teach your players to create space with their first touch and be able to use the skill in the game situation.

Practicing The Skill – 2 players face each other roughly 5 – 10 meters apart with 2 cones to the side of them that are 3 ft apart. The first cone should be lined up parallel with each player with the second 3 ft in front. Player 1 passes the ball along the ground to player 2 who with his first touch lightly passes the ball through the 2 cones, then side footing the ball back to player 1. Swap over and repeat. Please see the diagram below.

Create Space With Your First Touch

Developing The Drill – 4 players start on each side of a square with 2 in the middle.  There should be about 10 meters between each cone of the square. Player 1 in the middle receives the ball from player 6 on the outside and with his first touch creates space to pass back to one of the other players standing on either side of the square. No more than 2 touches can be taken. Player 2 is the defender. Swap over and repeat. Please see the diagram below.

Create Space With Your First Touch

Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation– This Football Game is best played with no more than 7  players on each side and no goalkeepers so that each player has several opportunities to practice the skill. Each player has to play 2 touch. If more than 2 touches are taken, the ball is passed back to the defending side. Encourage your players to find space to receive the ball and then create more space with their first touch.

Game Situation – Finish with a normal game focusing on the object of the training session, encouraging your players to create space with their first touch.

PENDLE VERDICT – Some of the drills here are fairly similar to the training session that was posted last week, entitled “Find Space To Receive The Ball”. This was done for a reason in that in order to receive the ball and practise your first touch, you first of all need to find space to receive it. We thought that this was a nice follow on to last weeks session!

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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