Football Training 1 – Find Space To Receive The Ball

Posted on: June 1st, 2011 | by Flaviu | 2 Comments

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Object Of The Training Session – Teach your players to find space to receive a pass and be able to use this skill in the game situation.

Practising the skill – 2 players pass and move in a square that is double the size of the area used for the warm-up. To receive the ball, both players must go one way and then quickly the other, only demanding to receive the ball once they have changed direction.

Developing The Drill – 4 players start on each side of the square with 2 in the middle. Player 1 in the middle must create space to receive the pass aiming to pass back to any of the 4 players on the side before player 2 can get the ball. Swap over and repeat.

Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation – This Football Game is best played with only 3 or 4 players on each side with no goalkeepers so that each player has several opportunities to practice the skill. One Point can be awarded for either 10 consecutive passes or by passing the ball to a member of your team who has found time and space to receive a pass behind one of the lines that make up the square.

Game Situation – Finish with a normal game focusing on the object of the training session, encouraging your players to find space to receive the ball.

PENDLE VERDICT – We think that this is a simple, yet effective practice. To receive the ball, you must, first of all, find some space and the more space you have, the more time you will have. By making your marker think that you are going one direction, but then quickly moving in the other, you are in fact creating that space and therefore the opportunity to have more time on the ball.

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. striker says:

    Nice idea Pendle. This looks like a good exercise. I will try this sometime! Are you going to be releasing more ideas for training sessions??

  2. Pendle Sportswear Ltd says:

    We are going to be releasing ideas for training sessions on a weekly basis from June 27th to coincide with the start of pre season. We hope that they will give you many ideas for Football Training. It would be nice to receive feedback once you have tried the exercises.

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