How To Get Sponsors For Your Club

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Football Sponsors


How To Get Sponsors For Your Club


We know that running a football club is an expensive business. It’s why we’re committed to offering the best possible kit prices. Even with money you might be getting from subs, there are still plenty of costs to account for. Securing sponsorship is a great source of income but how do you do it? We’ve gathered some helpful tips to help you find football sponsors for your club.


Addingham FC football sponsor

Addingham FC kit with their front sponsor

Who to approach?

The easiest place to start looking is within your own club. Does anyone own a business that could help out? Or do they work for someone looking for a sponsorship opportunity? What about friends or family? Even people who used to play for the club might be in a position to help out. The club already has a network of people, so use that to your advantage.

If that doesn’t work, you can start looking further afield. Contact the businesses that are part of your community. Approach new businesses that might need exposure. Don’t be afraid to ask bigger companies. As long as you prove you have something to offer them, you stand a good chance of getting a deal. The most important thing you can do to find the right sponsor is to do your research. You don’t want to waste your time going after the wrong businesses.


Present your best self

To get a sponsor on board you need to make sure they see the club at its best. It’s like any business arrangement, you need to look professional enough for a partnership to seem worthwhile. If everyone at the club has a passion for the sport and their development then you’ll seem like a better investment. Having a solid online presence makes it easier to showcase the club’s values and is an added platform for exposure. If you don’t have a club website, check out our free Club+ platform, or if you need advice about social media have a read of our previous blog.


Ilkley Town Ladies Football Sponsor

Ilkley Town Ladies kit featuring their front sponsor

What’s in it for your sponsor?

Before they hand over their cash, a sponsor needs to know that they’ll get something in return.  What can you offer them? When you approach a business with your proposal, make sure you have a realistic idea of what kind of exposure you can give them. Think about how many people are likely to see their logo on your shirts. How many teams and players do you have? How many people come to your games? Do you have a club website? How active are you on social media? Make sure you know what you’re worth and what you have to offer.

Shirt sponsorship

Before thinking about what you are going to offer potential sponsors, it’s worth making sure you’re aware of the FA’s regulations regarding sponsors. When you shop at Pendle, it’s easy to customise your orders with our kit builder. Just upload your sponsor and you’ll get a mock-up of the final shirt.


Frome Town Youth football sponsors

Frome Town Youth has different sponsors for their teams.

Think outside the box

You might be lucky enough to find a company that can hand over all of the funds you need in one go. However, not all companies will be able to do this. So, think about different ways you can get the money you need to keep the club running. You might consider the following options:

  • Sponsorship packages

Not all companies will be able to give your club everything you need. So, it will be useful to create different levels of sponsorship that come with separate incentives. A smaller fee for a back or sleeve sponsor could be more manageable for smaller businesses.

  • Referral fees

A referral system is a good way to create a desirable sponsorship setup. Companies need to know that they are getting more brand awareness as your sponsor. A referral scheme would ensure that the club receives a fee when it is mentioned during a transaction.

  • Sponsor a player

Why not approach 15 different companies and charge them a small fee to sponsor a single player? You can then mention them when referring to the player for the rest of the season and link to them on your club’s website or social media pages.

  • Sponsorship Raffle

How about raffling off the chance to get their name on your football shirts? Any interested company can pay a small fee to be in with a chance to win and then whoever’s name you pull out gets their name on your kit for a season. Asking a business to hand over a small fee for a raffle ticket is more appealing than asking for a full team kit.


Is there a way that you can help a sponsor stand out more? As well as a traditional sponsor logo, is there another way to represent the company on your kit? In 2013, Bollington United under-9s were sponsored by a local curry house. Instead of getting players’ names printed on the shirts, the team had curries written on their backs. It was a fun way to highlight their sponsor and definitely made the team stand out.


Alloa Athletic football sponsors

Alloa Athletic shirts have multiple kit sponsors. As well as sponsors around the pitch.

How to ask for sponsorship?

Cover letter

Create a document that explains who you are and what you want. You don’t need to tell them everything at this point but give a general introduction. Talk about your achievements and your aims for the coming season. Be specific about your needs and make sure you mention the benefits of being your sponsor.

Let the numbers talk

It’s always good to include analytics in your sponsorship request. This is the best way to show companies what you can offer. Some good examples for you to include are:

  • People attending your games
  • Traffic on your website
  • Number of social media followers

Whatever you include, you need to prove that the company will get exposure and brand awareness as your sponsor.


Newton Town football sponsors

Newton Town training wear with back sponsor.

Sponsorship Package

Set out the different sponsorship opportunities that you’re offering. Make sure it’s clear what you’re offering and how much you want from them. Giving as much information as possible will make it easier for everyone and offering plenty of different opportunities will encourage more people to help.

Include club information

Each proposal should include information about the club. Make sure you let the company know about your values and your aims. Let them know how many teams you have and the different age groups of your players. Discuss your recent results and give details of all of your big wins. Finally, make sure you include contact details for the relevant people at the club.

Target the right person

Whatever you include, make sure that you reach out to the right person at the company. You need to get it in the right hands to ensure your proposal will be looked at. Target managers, managing directors, or directors as they will be the ones making the decisions.

In-person is better

Pendle kit customisation football sponsors

We offer plenty of options for adding a sponsor to your shirt.

You can send out emails to companies but you do risk getting lost in a full inbox or ending up in spam. If you can, call the company or even visit in person. There is a greater chance of success with this approach than with an email that is easy to ignore.

Be aggressive but professional

It’s tough trying to find sponsorship, so be prepared to fight your corner. You need to present the club in a way that is hard to say no to. Have confidence in yourself and make sure they know why sponsorship is a great option for their company. Most importantly, never give up. Even if you fail a few times, you’ll get there eventually.

Offer the best value

As with every financial investment, good value is always going to be a factor. If you’re looking for a company to sponsor your new kit then finding the best kit deal is definitely going to help. Pendle has a great range of kit deals for both 8 or 15 football kits. Make it easier on yourself by asking for a smaller amount. Browse our kits to find your perfect deal.



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