The Life of a Junior Football Manager

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At Pendle Sportswear, we know how much passion there is for junior football. We aim to make it as easy as possible for all Managers of Junior Football Clubs. This prevents them from becoming tired and frustrated with the long and drawn-out process. A junior football manager can then use all their energy and passion to drive their Clubs forward.

A Junior Football Manager’s Responsibilities

A typical scenario for a junior football manager may go as follows:-

You train every Wednesday and find that most players are available for the weekend game, but a select few still have to let you know. You compose your text or call on Thursday asking everyone to confirm their availability. Most will reply, but typically, some won’t. So, you have to chase several up with follow up phone calls.

All of a sudden it’s Friday evening and you realise that you are 2 players short! More phone calls, more texts and eventually you have a team.

It’s the day of the game but the issues don’t stop:

  • have we got enough cars for transport?
  • have we got the correct kit?
  • have we arranged the referee?

Then there are the post-match responsibilities:

  • dealing with parents when children aren’t picked up
  • sandwiches and drinks after the game
  • the match report
  • calling your results into the league

Oh, and then there’s the added responsibility and complications surrounding adults looking after groups of children.

Make Things Easier

I am sure I’ll have missed many more things, but we get it. Being a junior football manager is quite challenging. So, the last thing you want to think about is going through the long and drawn-out process of sourcing and ordering football kit.

This is where Pendle can help. We know that you often have limited time and that buying a team strip can be difficult, slow and expensive. Shop with Pendle and you’ll find an easier and more cost-effective way! You can order all our products from the comfort of your home. Find your kit in the catalogue or on our website and we’ll deliver it directly to your doorstep. Next day samples can also be sent on request.

At Pendle Sportswear, we pride ourselves on trying to make this buying process easy and completely hassle-free.

Get in touch and find out how we can make a difference.



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