Football Training 9 – Up, Back And Through!

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Object Of The Training Session – Create a goal scoring opportunity by getting your midfield to play a one, two with the centre forward, encouraging players off the ball to make a run in behind the defence so that the creative midfielder can pick them out, giving them the opportunity to score.

Practicing The Skill – Player 1 starts with the ball about 10 – 15 meters away from the second player. He passes the ball, playing a one, two with him, before passing and following his pass to player 3. With his second touch, player 3 passes and follows his pass to the second player who is facing him. With his first touch, he lightly, but confidently knocks the ball back to player 3 before turning and running back to the cone.  The sequence continues as shown in the diagram below. Care must be taken with the initial pass and also the first touch of the player in the middle.

Practicing The Skill

Developing The Drill – Player 1 in midfield starts with the ball and plays a one, two with the centre forward (player 2), before passing to player 3 to run on to and score. The first player replaces player 2 and to keep the drill flowing, player 2 moves behind the cone where player 5 is positioned, as shown in the diagram below. The fifth player continues the sequence, playing a one, two with the centre forward (now player 1) before playing a through ball to player 6. The drill is repeated as shown in the diagram below. Please note that ball collectors will be required behind the goal to keep the drill moving.

Developing The Drill

Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation – As with the drill above, player 1 starts with the ball and passes to to the centre forward (player 2) who must lay the ball off first time. At this stage, the drill becomes more of an “open practice” in that the midfielder (player 1) can play a first time pass to any of the other 3 players on his team. The attacking players off the ball (players 3,4 & 5) must work hard to make a run in behind the defence. Player 1’s decision on the correct pass to make is dependent on the run of his team mates. The practice continues until either the defending team retrieve the ball, a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play. Please see the diagram below.

Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation

Game Situation – If possible, finish with a normal sided game encouraging the “up, back and through” pattern of play. Players won’t like it, but you can introduce a “two touch game” to encourage this to happen. Two goals may be rewarded if a goal is scored from this game situation.

PENDLE VERDICT – This is a great practice to encourage first time, quick passing in attacking areas. It will also focus the players off the ball to work hard to get into areas where they may have an opportunity to score. High intensity is required to make all the drills work.

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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