Football Training 8 – Deliver An Accurate Cross

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Object Of The Training Session – Create the opportunity to deliver a cross and be able to do so with accuracy and precision when presented with the chance.

Practicing The Skill – Player 1 passes to player 2 and follows his pass. Player 2 controls the ball, playing it into space and down the line to deliver an accurate cross to the third player. Player 2 then  follows his cross, replacing the third player and becoming the goalie. Player 3 catches the ball and throws it back to player 4 to repeat the sequence. The third player waits behind the cone to repeat the exercise as shown in the diagram below.


Developing The Drill –  Player 1 passes to player 2 who controls the ball and with his second touch lays it off to the third player. As soon as player 2 passes the ball, he quickly moves in behind the third player to receive his pass that has been played into space and attempts to deliver an accurate cross. Player 3 becomes a defender, attempting to stop the cross from being played in. Once player 2 has delivered the cross, he replaces the seventh person, with player 3 replacing the fifth as shown in the diagram below. Players 1 and 6 take turns to start the move, attempting to meet the cross and score. The sequence continues and the drill is repeated as shown in the diagram below.



Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation –  This is the same as the drill above, but with some additions to make it more like a more realistic game situation. These additions are the introduction of two defenders, players 8 and 9. The eighth players task is to attempt to stop the cross from being delivered whether by intercepting the ball from player 3 or from player 2. The ninth person is the central defender whose job it is to stop the apposing striker from scoring.  The sequence continues as above and the drill is repeated as shown in the diagram below.



Game Situation – Play a normal full size game if possible encouraging you players to try and create situations where it is possible to deliver a cross. Two goals may be rewarded to the team that score from a cross into the box.

PENDLE VERDICT – These are all great drills which focus on two very key points. These are the importance of trying to get into the right kind of position on the pitch to execute a telling cross and the skill of being able to deliver an accurate cross into a dangerous area. To ensure a continues flow with all the drills, a useful tip is to have a ball collector behind the goal and several balls to hand.

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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