Football Training 7 – “Simply Shooting”

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Object Of The Training Session – When presented with the opportunity, encourage your players to shoot and score.

Practising The Skill – Player 4 follows the ball after passing it 20 meters to player 2 who controls it with his first touch and shoots.  Player 2 moves to the back of the queue where player 6 is positioned. Player 6 repeats the sequence, passing it to player 4 and the drill continues. The drill can be repeated at the same time on the other side of the pitch if you are struggling for goalkeepers as shown on the diagram below.


Developing The Drill –  This drill is the same as the one above, apart from with the introduction of a defender. When player 4 passes to player 2, the defender (player 9) is allowed to try and close down the player receiving the pass. In this case, the second player. Player 2 has to try and get a shot on goal before the defender can close them down. The attacker can choose to dribble past the defender if he feels that he can’t get a clear strike on goal. The sequence continues as shown in the diagram below.


Moving The Drill Into A More Realistic Game Situation –  This is a simple small sided game of 4 v 4, but with some important rules. Player 1 starts with the ball and joins in with the attacking team after playing a short pass to the second player. When he passes the ball to player 2, the defending team must be in a line at least 15 meters away. One of these defenders will then have to try and close down player 2. Three defenders can move anywhere on the pitch, but there must always be 1 defender within the zone between the goal and the yellow line, as shown on the diagram below. The attacking team can only score from inside the marked out area. This will encourage players to shoot early and when they can. Swap defenders and attackers and repeat as below.


Game Situation –  Play a normal game encouraging your players to shoot when presented with the opportunity. Two goals can be rewarded if a goal is scored from outside the penalty box.

PENDLE VERDICT –  So that there is a continues flow with the first two drills, ensure that there is a ball collector behind the goal and there are several balls to hand for the players to use. Also, just be careful with the same two drills that the attacking players on each side of the pitch are not shooting at exactly the same time. A high tempo is required for the last drill. These small pointers should make for a great training session!

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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