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Football tracksuits can be traced back to 1939 but it was in the late 1960s that they really made their mark. Adidas collaborated with German footballer Franz Beckenbaur to market their first piece of apparel. From that point on, the tracksuit has become a staple for footballers on and off the pitch. Take a look at our comprehensive football tracksuits guide to find out more about this essential piece of training wear.

Introduction to Football Tracksuits

The official definition of a tracksuit is a loose-fitting set of garments consisting of a top and trousers with an elasticated or drawstring waist. Created for practical purposes, tracksuits were worn to keep an athlete’s body warm before and after physical activity. Although, over time, teams have started wearing them during training and warm-ups.

Nowadays, football tracksuits are about more than just practicality. They’re part of a team’s identity and are a key element to their training and matchday wardrobe. The tracksuit has become an iconic part of football fashion, representing unity and professionalism.

Addingham FC wearing a Malmo football tracksuit

Tracksuits are great to wear on match days

Benefits of a Football Tracksuit

There are many reasons to wear a tracksuit before, during or after participating in sport. It provides warmth before you get on the pitch and will be comfortable to wear during warm-up exercises. These days, tracksuits are designed to offer optimal freedom of movement, so you can sprint and practice shooting with ease. They’ll also probably have moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.

Once you’ve finished your match or training session, a tracksuit helps to regulate body temperature. Wearing one can prevent rapid cooling, which can lead to muscle stiffness. It also serves as a convenient and unified post-match or training attire that creates cohesion within the team.

Materials Used in Football Tracksuits

When Adidas was designing its first tracksuit, nylon was being introduced to the clothing industry. Adidas’ nylon/wool mix tracksuits offered a technical tracksuit to replace the heavy wool and cotton pullovers that athletes were wearing at the time.

Modern tracksuits are made from a variety of fabrics and each has its pros and cons. The most common materials are cotton, polyester and nylon. They offer different benefits so you’ll need to pick one that fits your purpose.

Pros and Cons

Cotton: A popular choice for tracksuits because it is soft, breathable and comfortable. However, it isn’t moisture-wicking and it can shrink and lose its shape over time.

Nylon: A lightweight and water-resistant alternative to cotton. However, it isn’t the most comfortable option.

Polyester: A common choice and is used in our range of football tracksuits. Polyester is lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking.

Football Tracksuits: Care and Cleaning Tips

Care and Cleaning Tips

You want to make sure your football tracksuits stay looking their best. This means your team will look good and you have to keep replacing them. Always follow the correct care and cleaning advice to keep your tracksuits looking great for longer.

  • Follow the washing instructions on the garment
  • Don’t use fabric softener on moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Wash with similar colours to prevent colour transfer
  • Don’t wash synthetic materials and cotton together
  • Wash inside out to preserve the artwork
  • Deal with any marks and stains as quickly as possible
  • Was on as gentle a cycle as possible and don’t go hotter than 40ºC
  • Avoid tumble drying

As long as you’re careful about how you wash them, your tracksuits will remain in great condition for longer.

Football Tracksuit Design

Tracksuit design trends evolved over the years. Advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques have allowed for more innovative designs. Modern tracksuits combine performance and style to create comprehensive teamwear.

The classic style favoured clean lines and a more modest colour palette. These days, many brands favour bold colours and more dynamic designs. Retro designs are also coming back as many companies are creating designs inspired by their old styles.

Atlanta 2.0 Football Tracksuits

Shoulder detail on our Atlanta 2.0 tracksuit tops


Tracksuits come in a few different styles. The one you pick will depend on how you intend to wear it and the overall look you want.

  • Full-zip: great for layering and easily removed if you get too warm. Perfect to wear before matches or training.
  • Half-zip – can offer a more casual look for off-the-pitch. Perfect to wear to training in colder weather.
  • Pullover – offers a streamlined and athletic look for winter. Perfect to wear to training and matches.

Pendle has a range of football tracksuit styles that you can choose between. We have the classic full-zip football tracksuits. Or you can team our tracksuit bottoms with a ¼ zip top, a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Our training wear fits your needs.

We have 3 designs of full-zip tracksuits: the Atlanta 2.0, the Malmo and the Inter. These can be paired with our Atlanta 2.0 tracksuit bottoms and any training tops and clubwear. You can also shop the Atlanta range for the matching ¼ zip top, sweatshirt and hoodie to give you more flexibility with your tracksuit style. Alternatively, the Braga winter tracksuit combines warmth and flexibility making it perfect for winter training.

Weather Considerations

Football spans all seasons, so you’ll want to have the right tracksuit for the specific weather conditions.


  • A lightweight tracksuit
  • Made from breathable fabric
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • A full-zip tracksuit will be easy to take off when you get hot
  • Tracksuit bottoms with zips are easy to remove quickly


  • Invest in an insulated tracksuit to keep you warm
  • Fleece-lined tracksuits create a barrier against lower temperatures
  • Wearing a winter jacket will prevent your muscles from cooling down too quickly
  • Add a base layer and base layer bottoms if it’s really cold
How should your football tracksuit fit

Find your perfect fit

Sizing and fit

It’s essential that you choose the right size and fit for your tracksuit. A poorly fitting tracksuit will hinder your performance and make you feel uncomfortable. If your suit is too tight, your movement will be restricted. If it’s too loose, It can become a trip hazard, get caught on equipment and be a general distraction. Whenever you’re trying on a tracksuit, make sure to move around and test how flexible it is.

Ensure the proper fit

Your tracksuit top and bottoms should sit comfortably on your body without being too tight or too loose. Finding the right balance will give you a sleek and athletic appearance while remaining practical.

  • The top’s hem should reach just below the waist to offer coverage without restricting movement
  • The bottoms should sit at your natural waistline
  • The leg cuff should sit just above your boots
  • The sleeves should reach just above your wrists

How to measure yourself to get the perfect fit

Measuring yourself is the best way to make sure your new football tracksuit fits perfectly. Start by measuring your chest, waist, and hips with a flexible tape measure. For the chest, measure around the fullest part, ensuring the tape is snug but not tight. Take the waist measurement at the narrowest part and measure the hips around the widest part.

Then you’ll want to measure your inseam – the inner leg length from the crotch to the ankle. Make sure you also factor in the clothes that you’ll be wearing underneath it. If you’re wearing your tracksuit over your kit, wear that when you measure yourself.

Your club’s image

Your football tracksuit is an extension of your kit and part of your club’s identity, so you want to find a tracksuit that creates a sense of unity. That means you want to find the best football tracksuits. You should also look for ones that match your club colours. We have a range of designs in a variety of colourways. The contrasting trims make it easier to find the right colours for your club.

Once you’ve added a high-quality printed or embroidered badge, your new tracksuits will ensure your team is instantly recognisable on and off the pitch. Adding customisation is easy when you use our kit builder. You can add a printed or embroidered club badge, initials, numbers, sponsors and players’ names.

Football tracksuit styled with a football scarf

Style with your club scarf

Tips for Coordinating Tracksuits

To make the most impact, you can match your tracksuits to football kits and other training wear. Colour is the easiest way to create cohesion but you might also be able to match design elements. Our Inter range pairs perfectly with our Genoa shirts. Or pick a Malmo tracksuit to wear over your Malmo football shirt.

Once you’ve picked your new football tracksuit, it’s easy to coordinate your other training wear. Each range has plenty of additional options to wear under or over your tracksuit. The design elements match to create a harmonious team look.

Your tracksuit is a versatile piece of training wear that can be worn with any of our other garments. You can slip it over your football kit on the sidelines. Wear a matching polo shirt or t-shirt under your tracksuit on the way to a match or at football training. Cover up with a rain jacket when it’s wet or add a winter jacket when the temperature drops.

For a full club look, add some customised accessories. In the summer, slip on one of our baseball caps to offer protection from the sun. In winter, our range of hats, scarves, snoods and gloves can all add an extra layer of protection from the cold.

Style Inspiration

Since they were first introduced, football tracksuits have become a fashion staple. Professional teams have been embracing more modern and eye-catching designs. However, they still need to keep a functional element.

Last year, England’s Lionesses made it to the final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The designs were a great blend of modern aesthetics and practicality. They featured sleek lines, team colours, and strategically placed logos. The tracksuits reflected the team’s identity and demonstrated their commitment to teamwork and unity.

Arsenal looked back to their past when designing their training wear for the 22/23 season. Adidas was inspired by the tracksuit worn during the club’s 87-88 season. They used the same colours as the classic design but took a more minimal approach to the details. They also replaced the baggy fit favoured in the 80s for a modern, slim fit. It’s an example of a club embracing its history whilst offering the benefits of modern training wear design.

Grassroots clubs can take cues from real-world examples when selecting their kit and training wear. You want something that embodies both style and performance. Wearing the best football tracksuits can help unify your team’s image and boost the look of the club. Pendle’s range of football tracksuits is available in a modern, slim fit. This ensures a sleek and athletic silhouette. They have the functionality needed for training and the style needed to enhance the club’s image. Shop our full range now to find the perfect options for your club


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