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Have you ever thought about wearing grip socks to play football? Or do you prefer a more traditional option? Socks are often an overlooked aspect of football kits but they can significantly affect your performance on the pitch. Making sure you pick the right football sock is vital if you want to play at your best. So, which football socks should you choose?

Pendle grip socks

What socks do professional footballers wear?

You might have noticed that grip socks have started to become more and more popular in football. More and more players seem to be wearing them for training and matches. They’ve certainly been one of our most requested items in recent years. So, what is it about them that has made them such a popular option? What makes them a more popular option than traditional football socks?

What are grip socks?

Grip socks, sometimes known as anti-slip or traction socks, are specially designed athletic socks that come with gripping elements on the sole. These elements increase the amount of friction between the sock and your football boots. They act like tire treads and provide extra traction, which prevents your foot from slipping. This enhanced grip and reduced internal movement can increase responsiveness and reaction time. It might also improve comfort and reduce the likelihood of blisters.

How to wear grip socks

It’s easy to incorporate grip socks into your football kit. They can be worn alone for certain activities and training, but you’ll want to combine them with a pair of sock sleeves for matches. The grip sock provides added non-slip action while the sock sleeves offer additional protection and will cover your shin pads.

How to wear:

  1. Put on your football grip sock.
  2. Add a pair of shin pads for extra protection on the pitch.
  3. Put your sock sleeve over the top of your grip socks, so the soles remain uncovered.
  4. Get your boots on and head to the pitch.

As always, make sure you are selecting the right size for you. Select the size that corresponds to your shoe size. The socks should be snug but still comfortable. Our grip socks have elasticated support that will help them feel more secure and prevent them from sliding down.

Bottom of a pair of grip socks

Are grip socks worth it?

So, are they worth the hype? We think so! Grip socks are a great option for footballers, which is why their popularity has grown so much in recent years. There are numerous benefits to wearing grip socks and they might even help enhance your performance on the pitch. But just what are the benefits of wearing them?

What are the benefits of grip socks?

Grip socks have been specially designed to offer more stability and comfort for football players. They can provide multiple benefits on the pitch, which will help your players’ performance.

Enhanced Traction

The biggest benefit of these socks is an improved grip. They have been specially designed to provide a better foot-boot connection, which helps with all aspects of the game. They’ll help you feel more secure when passing, kicking, tackling and changing direction. You reduce the risk of slipping or losing your balance because they limit the movement of your feet in your boots.

Injury Prevention

By preventing your foot from slipping in your boots, grip socks can help reduce the risk of common football injuries. This includes things like sprains and knee injuries. Your feet will be more stable, which makes maintaining proper form and alignment easier. So, you’re less likely to slip or twist during dynamic movements.

Improved Confidence

Wearing a pair of grip socks can boost your confidence on the pitch. Having a secure and stable base means you can have more confidence in your movements. You won’t have to worry about losing your footing or slipping around. This means they can play more effectively and aggressively.

Improved Performance

This greater confidence means that you might even start playing better. If a player can be sure their foot is secure, they can focus on the game and their movements. It might also give them greater control over their movements. This could mean sharper cuts and quicker acceleration. All of which can lead to them outplaying their opponents.


Pendle Grip Socks

We added grip socks to our range of football socks in the 2024/25 brochure. Available in white, these socks are great for all players. Our polyester socks have hexagonal silicone grips on the sole to stop you from sliding around in your boots. They also have elasticated ankle support for additional protection on the pitch.

Grab a pair of grip socks and wear them with our Metz sock sleeves to finish the look. These heavyweight pro-quality sock sleeves are available in 10 colourways. The elasticated turn-over top means they won’t fall down as you run around the pitch.

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