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Football Games For Kids


Develop skills with these fun football games


Football is a game that takes time to learn to develop key skills and progress. When starting to play from a young age, it is important to experience the fun aspect of football while learning the ropes and improving skills. Achieving this balance will help children develop a genuine passion for the game. The best way to achieve this balance involves finding creative ways to incorporate technical aspects of football into a fun-filled game. We have chosen a handful of useful games which we believe will help to develop skills while incorporating an element of fun. Listed below are our top 4 football games for kids.


Our Favourite Football Games For Kids


1. Walking the Dog


Football Games For Kids - Walking the Dog: drill showing how to set out the game.


Walking the Dog is a game designed to introduce dribbling and ball control to younger players. It also focuses on maintaining spatial awareness.

What you need: Cones, markers, football

How to play:

  1. Scatter a selection of flat markers at random points on the field (stick to a single colour). These are the lampposts.
  2. Place some football cones between the markers (use a different colour than the markers). These are the trees.
  3. Each player is given a ball as their dog.
  4. They must then walk their dog by dribbling the ball around the playing area.
  5. Players must stop at as many lampposts as possible.
  6. When the coach shouts “It’s raining”, the players must make their way to a tree to take shelter.


  • Dribble with both feet or focus on their weaker foot
  • See who can find shelter the quickest.
  • Find out who can stop at the most lampposts within a specific time.


2. Traffic Lights


Football Games For Kids - Traffic Lights: drill showing how to set out the game.


This is a simple game that can be adapted depending on what you want to focus on. Players must be aware of what they are doing and always listen for instructions. It helps with dribbling and can be great for improving awareness, decision-making, and coordination.

What you need: Footballs

How to play:

  1. Decide what the different colours (red, amber, green) stand for. The simplest version of the game would be:
    • Red=Stop
    • Amber = Slow down
    • Green = Go/Speed up
  2. Players must dribble the ball around the pitch.
  3. The coach calls out a colour and all players must carry out the appropriate action.
  4. Anyone who doesn’t follow the instruction is out. The game continues until there is one player left.


  • Change the meaning of the different colours to suit the focus of your practice.
  • Instead of shouting out the instruction, hold up a cone in that colour. This helps players’ spatial awareness.
  • Add more colours with more instruction.
  • Instead of traffic lights, do a version of Simon Says where players only follow the instruction if the coach says “Simon Says” first.


3. First to the Ball


Football Games For Kids - First to the Ball: drill showing how to set out the game.


This game is designed to improve a player’s agility, speed, and finishing. It is also good for developing their skill on the ball.

What you need: Cones, markers, football

How to play:

  1. Split the players into two teams and line them up behind the corner flags.
  2. Place two cones opposite the goal. Set these about one meter apart.
  3. Place a football in the centre.
  4. When the coach shouts “Go!”, one player from each team must run from the corner and around the pole on their side.
  5. The players must race to the ball and try to score before their rivals.
  6. Keep going until every player has taken part.


  • Award one point for every goal scored. The first team to reach a certain score is the winner.
  • Add a defender to make it harder for players to score.
  • Add additional obstacles before the ball.


4. Piggy in the Middle


Football Games - Piggy in the Middle. A drill showing the set up for a football game kids can enjoy


This common playground game can easily be adapted for a fun football game. It can be played with as few as 3 people but can be adapted for larger groups. It is useful for developing accuracy, anticipation, and interceptions.

What you need: A football

How to play:

  1. Split players into groups of 3. Have one player stand in the middle as the “piggy”.
  2. The other two players must pass the ball to each other without the “piggy” intercepting.
  3. If the player in the middle gets the ball, the last player to touch it becomes the new “piggy”.


  • Add more players.
  • Have more people trying to intercept the ball.
  • Limit the number of touches.


Just the Start

These are just a few of the football games for kids that will help your players develop key skills. You can check out some of our recent blog posts for more great football games you can try. This site is an excellent source that has games to cover a whole range of skill areas. Don’t forget to check out our range of football training equipment so you can set up all of your football games with ease.


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