The FA Girls’ Football Week & UEFA Women’s Euros 2017

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Girls’ Football Week

This weekend will mark the start of The FA Girls’ Football Week, which will run from 16th July until 6th August 2017. The event coincides with the UEFA Women’s Euros which also kicks off on the same day. Making this the ideal time for females to get involved with the beautiful game that is football!


What’s it all about?

FA Girls’ Football Week is a national campaign and a celebration aimed at raising the profile of female football. It encourages educational institutions, community groups and other organisations to deliver more football sessions for females in safe and fun environments. The event is a great opportunity to showcase talent and inspire new players and volunteers.

Since it’s launched in 2014 the scheme has gained momentum and has been growing each year, with only 2000 participants in its first year compared to a total of 130,000 participants in 2016’s event. Again this figure is expected to increase for this year’s Euros celebration, and with your support, the campaign wishes to double the number of females playing football by 2020. So make sure you get involved!


How Can You Get Involved?

If you would like to take part in Girls’ Football Week and get involved in the action, here’s how:


  • If you are part of an organisation you can register an on-going activity as part of the week. This can be something as simple as registering your weekly training session, or maybe you could even start something brand new to kick-start girls’ football.



But your support and involvement don’t have to stop at Girls’ Football Week, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get involved through the year.

  • Find your nearest club
  • Join a Soccercise session or run your own using resources developed by the FA to help women get fit with Football.
  • For lots other exciting ways to get involved visit The FA Get Involved page, it’s packed with ideas and resources.


Alongside the tournament, UEFA has also built an ongoing campaign called ‘Together #weplaystrong’ Within the next five years UEFA aim to make football the leading women’s sport across Europe, and with their campaign, they focus on showcasing the best of the game; skill, teamwork and positive attitude.


“Football is more than just fun. It’s what makes us stronger and more confident. And that comes from being with one another, on and off the pitch. UEFA wants every girl to feel welcome to come play, because Together #WePlayStrong.”


Here at Pendle, we have been supplying football kits, training wear and equipment to Football Teams for 40 years. It has been an honour to have seen an increase in our female teams over the recent years and we are very proud of the growing movement and recognition for woman and girls within football.


ESFA U15s girls

The ESFA U15 Girls in their Spartak Football Kits

Girls Football

Blyth Town Barca U14 looking smart in their Atlanta Tracksuits









It’s an exciting time for girls’ and women’s football alike, so we hope that you can get involved in whichever way you can and let’s all work towards a greater involvement of females within football!


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