Fulham’s Mark Hughes favourite for Aston Villa manager position.

Posted on: June 2nd, 2011 | by Flaviu | 2 Comments

Following the departure of Gerard Houllier as Manager of Aston Villa on Wednesday, Fulham’s Mark Hughes appears to be the favourite to take on the vacant position.

However, it is understood that many Aston Villa supporters would like to see the current Everton boss, David Moyes, appointed.

PENDLE VERDICT – We feel sorry for Houllier in that his departure has got to be mainly down to his recent heart problems. However Mark Hughes and David Moyes would both do great jobs for Villa. There is also Guus Hiddink who we believe may be interested in returning to club management!! Would Villa have any chance of signing him?

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

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  1. Racky says:

    I think Mark Hughes is perfectly suited to a team like Villa, he was out of his depth at City where focus was clearly on title hopes and trophies. Realistically Villa will be trying to maintain Premiere League place and improving on an average season. I’d be surprised to see Moyes taking over the Villa job as until more money becomes available for transfers that’ll be a step down. He’ll be looking more long term at replacing another scot in the same part of the country.

  2. Jacobsen83 says:

    Not a chance Hiddink will go to Villa! He’s got to be firm favourite for the Chelsea job now he has hinted at club management again. I think Hughes will do a good job if he takes over, Villa are exactly the kind of team he’d like to get his teeth into and maybe even push for a European spot with.

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