Kolo Toure receives 6 month ban!

Posted on: May 27th, 2011 | by Flaviu | 3 Comments

Manchester City’s, Kolo Toure has received a 6 month ban for testing positive to a banned substance. The Football Association backdated the ban to March making him ineligible to play until September 2011.

Toure admitted taking some of his Wife’s pills that are commonly used for dieting, but confirmed he never intended to use the drug to enhance performance and was not aware that the pills contained a banned substance.

This is the first positive drugs test in the Barclay’s Premier League since Adrian Mutu in 2004.

PENDLE VERDICT – How could an experienced Professional Footballer be so naive as to take something without researching exactly what was in it? We think he deserves the ban and is lucky that it has been backdated to March?

YOUR VERDICT – What do you think?

3 Responses

  1. Striker says:

    Maybe because he knew exactly what was in it??? You have to be pretty daft to take a pill that people use to loose weight and not think that it may contain a band substance!

  2. Jacobsen83 says:

    I wouldnt have expected to find a banned substance in a water pill my wife was using to be honest but professional footballers must know they have to be cautious when taking anything like that and for me he didnt do adequate enough reserach! A well deserved ban and Man City are lucky he only misses a few games at the start of next season!

  3. Racky says:

    Completely agree with all comments. I’d maybe expect this in a lower league side where there’s not so much focus on performance enhancers but in a team like Man City with so much emphasis on training, diet, injury treatment etc etc you’d think each player would have it drilled in to them the dangers of not checking with all team advisors first. He got off lightly in my opinion.

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