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Q: Can my club get SignOnline?
A: SignOnline is available for clubs with 8 or more teams. If you are eligible and would like to set up SignOnline for your club, enquire now to register your interest with a member of our team.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: SignOnline is totally free, and we will even set it up for you!

Q: Why do Pendle offer SignOnline free of charge?
A: SignOnline is another addition to the big club package for amateur clubs. The SignOnline system is integrated with the Club Shops and in doing so creates a 1 stop shop and market leading service to amateur clubs. Further, as player registration and Manager reports are accessed on the Club Shop, the SignOnline system advertises the Club Shop to all members and consequently has a positive effect on Club Shop turnover.

Q: Where will my players find SignOnline and how will they register?
A: Your players will register via your own club shop, if you haven’t already got a club shop don’t worry about it! Pendle will also set one of these up for you completely free of charge. Click here to view an example club shop.

Q: Can players pay in instalments?
A: Yes. You have the option to customise your payment instalments. Players can pay in full, monthly or you can choose one other instalment plan (eg pay in 2, 3 or 4 instalments). You can choose which of these options you would like to be available and all of your players will then be able to choose which payment plan they would like to use.

Q: Can we request to receive payments for other things such as clubs trips or kits?
A: No. Currently SignOnline can only process subs payments.

Q: Who processes the payments when our players pay online?
A: SignOnline comes fully integrated with the market leading card payment facilitator; PayPal. At no stage does Pendle Sportswear hold any funds, or the banking and card details of your players. All payments are sent direct to your club account in less than 5 minutes.

Q: What happens to the money when our players pay online?
A: When players pay, the money will get transferred to the clubs PayPal business account. To learn more about why you will need a PayPal business account and to find out more on how to set one up for your club click here.

Q: Do PayPal charge a fee?
A: PayPal do take a small fee on each transaction. To see detailed information about PayPal fees please click here. However so the club does not loose out, we recommend putting an additional £5 charge on the players fee as Pendle will reimburse the player with a £5 voucher when they register in which case they will still be getting perceived value for money.

Q: How do we set up PayPal business account
A: To learn more about why you will need a PayPal business account and to find out more on how to set one up for your club click here.

Q: Can we see at a glance who has paid their subs?
A: The SignOnline system allows you to view who has registered and paid on a team by team basis. You can also search for other required data using options such as, date, team, age group, player name or parents name.

Q: Are there any data protection implications of storing clubs membership data online?
A: We take security very seriously and in all our years our data has never been compromised. Only Managers and club officials will have access to information filled out on the player registration forms by the use of a protected password. You must only use the data provided by your players for the purpose of running the club.

Q: Where is the data stored, and is it backed up?
A: Pendle has obviously stored customer details such as name, address, telephone number and email address on a dedicated secure server and information is and never will be passed onto third parties.

Q: Does SignOnline or Pendle Sportswear sell any of our information to third parties?
A: No. We will not sell your details to any third parties.