Step-by-step guide

1. Go to
2. Select ‘Business Account’ and click Continue.
3. Enter your e-mail address and click Continue.
4. Create a login password and enter details about your business (address etc.), click Agree and Continue.
5. Enter more details about your business – we suggest Individual -> Sports and Outdoors -> Sporting Equipment -> your club shop web address (other options are available if you feel these are more suitable for you club). Click Continue.
6. Provide your information – nationality, DOB and home address. Click Continue
7. On the ‘How do you want to get paid’ section, select the ‘On your website’ option, and click continue.
8. On the ‘How do you want to process payments on your website’ section, select the first option to process all payments through PayPal. Click continue.
9. On the ‘How do you want to set up PayPal on your website’ section, select the Option A drop down menu. Click on the link that says ‘Set up API access’.
10. Scroll down and click on the ‘Enable PayPal Express Checkout’ link.
11. This will take you to a screen entitles ‘Accept PayPal payments from all your online shops’. You will need to select the first option to accept PayPal payments before API permissions are set up. Click Submit.
12. You will now be on your business account summary/home page. Along the top, click on Profile and then on Account Set-up.
13. You will need to confirm your e-mail address and link your bank account in order to activate your account and accept payments. These steps are easy to follow.
14. You can go onto your business account profile and amend details whenever necessary.

You are able to add other information and other methods of payment if you wish, but this is the basic process and all that is necessary to set up a PayPal Business Account.