We Don’t Supply Cheap Football Kits, We Supply Quality Football kits Cheap!

Posted on: June 1st, 2011 | by Flaviu | No Comments

At Pendle we have a saying; “We do not supply cheap Football Kits, we supply quality Football Kits cheap”!

We follow this quality ethos on a day to day basis through all our departments, whilst still being able to offer you typically 40% less than comparable shop prices. Top quality factories will manufacture our own unique designs. We then sell direct to all our customers, thus avoiding the middlemen and enabling us to offer exceptional value.

Prices for full Team Kits start from £289 are are no more expensive than £399 for a fully printed set of 15 football kits. If you are looking for even bigger savings, you can view our Special Offer and Clearance sections where prices start from £159 per full team kit.

No wonder so many of you are choosing Pendle!

(W) http://www.footballkit.co.uk/show_sub.php?catid=21 (Special Offer Section)

(E) enquiries@footballkit.co.uk

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